Concrete Scanning

Nondestructive GPR Testing Concrete Scanning Services

Concrete Scanning is used to image conduit, pipe, rebar, post tension cables, voids, mesh, concrete thickness. Like a X Ray .

Concrete ScanningCityScan Corp. is a structural scanning company using the most advanced and mobile, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) concrete scanning technology. Unlike X-Ray equipment which requires jobsite evacuation and access to both sides of a concrete structure, GPR is a non destructive concrete inspection system that can locate rebar, post tension cables, pipes, and conduit in concrete structures, slabs, floors, and walls. This technology is much safer than X-Rays and can be performed without disturbing areas or occupants of structures. Our GPR surveys provide real time results which identify potential problem areas immediately prior to drilling or cutting into concrete structures

Damaging structural elements such as conduit, rebar, and post tension cable can be dangerous and costly, not to mention the expense of project delays. A GPRsurvey performed by CityScan can isolate hazards in your concrete and reduce the risk.

Our services are routinely applied in hospitals, airports, universities, and numerous retail, residential, and industrial construction sites.

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