Geophysical Survey Reporting with GPR

City Scan Corp provides in-depth geophysical survey reporting with ground penetrating radar technology so you can locate subsurface objects before physical construction work begins, and plan accordingly.

A drill first approach can lead to devastating consequences including project delays and stoppages, exorbitant costs, unforeseen environmental damages, damaged equipment, and human injury.

Understanding the land you’re building on is essential for any construction project. While traditional methods can be both destructive and costly, GPR is a non-invasive and cost effective alternative for geophysical survey reporting.

GPR images the subsurface – without excavation or ground drilling – to locate both manmade and natural underground structures and objects of interest.

Data Collected

Applications for ground penetrating radar (GPR) geophysical survey reporting include:

  • Bedrock mapping, including depth and composition analysis
  • Locating underground storage tanks, pipes, utility cables, and gas lines
  • Identifying soil conditions
  • Mapping geological features
  • Locating underground faults and fractures
  • Geophysical borehole logging
  • Sinkhole and karst detection
  • Unexploded ordinance detection
  • Landfill delineation and volume estimations
  • Mapping reinforcement in concrete
  • And many more…


Benefits of Geophysical Survey Reporting with GPR:

  • Enhanced safety
    Avoid personal injury and property damage with non-invasive GPR geophysical field reporting.
  • Damage avoidance
    There’s no risk of damaging underground utility lines – or anything else – with GPR geophysical survey reporting. 
  • Cost effective
    You’ll save money in the long run by avoiding subsurface objects or conditions that could derail – or end – your construction project.
  • Time saving & efficient
    Geophysical field reports with GPR minimize downtime as there’s no risk of damaged equipment or delays due to subsurface structures.


As we strive for the best service in the industry, CityScan Corp has teamed up with Eastern Concrete Cutting Corp. to offer our clients a reliable source for all their concrete cutting and drilling needs.

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