Ground Penetrating Radar

GPR Services & Technology

GPR equipment transmits and receives electromagnetic waves into the ground subsurface or other material and detects interfaces between differing materials. The interfaces between differing materials are identified by changes which occur in the electromagnetic waves. These changes can be voids, reinforcing bars, underground utilities (metal or plastic), conduits, or various other items. The antenna transmits and receives a high-frequency electromagnetic impulse into the study material and records the travel time and amplitude of these impulses.

The GPR system records these deflections and digitally process them. Data output is typically read and interpreted by the use of a color video screen. The data can also be digitally recorded and downloaded to a computer for further processing and interpretation.

GPR vs X-RayLocal GPR vs X-Ray Services


Gamma rays HF Radio Waves

Radiation hazard
Yes No

Evacuate people from area
Yes No

License required
Yes No

Persons required
More than one One

Access to both sides
Yes No

Slab on grade
No Yes

Radiation source, film None

Single scan (start to finish)
Approx 60 minutes Approx 15 minutes

Real-time results
No Yes

Depth determination
With calculations Yes

Large scan areas
Multiple exposures Continuous scans

Benefits of Using GPR

GPR is a real-time NDT technique that quickly locates the position of post tension cables, rebar, and electrical conduits embedded in concrete, eliminating dangers associated with cutting or drilling and the high costs required for their repair if cut or damaged.

Accurate target location within a concrete slab on-grade, wall, or supported slab can be achieved more quickly, safely, and economically with GPR services instead of other existing techniques.

GPR is a safer and less disruptive than X-Raying. GPR equipment is safe to use around people without any safety constraints or setup requirements. Because of these features, interruption of operations can be eliminated or minimized.


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