Utility Locating Services

Utility location is the process of identifying and labeling public utility mains which are underground.

These mains may include lines for telephones, electricity distribution, natural gas, cable television, fiber optics, traffic lights, street lights, storm drains, water mains, and wastewater pipes. In some locations, major oil and gas pipelines, national defense communication lines, mass transit, rail and road tunnels also compete for space underground.

Because of the many different types of materials that go into manufacturing each of these different types of underground lines, different detection and location methods must be used. For metal pipes and cables, this is often done with electromagnetic equipment consisting of a transmitter and a receiver. For other types of pipe, such as plastic or concrete, other types of radiolocation or modern ground-penetrating radar must be used.

Location by these means is necessary because maps often lack the pinpoint precision needed to ensure proper clearance. In older cities, it is especially a problem since maps may be very inaccurate, or may be missing entirely.

Damage Investigation & ProtectionThe leader in Damage Prevention

Damage Investigation & Protection with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

  • Damage investigation and protection with ground penetrating radar is fast and efficient. City Scan Corp can quickly and accurately identify objects of interest and subsurface hazards using GPR.
  • Starting construction without necessary reconnaissance often results in long delays, additional expenses, and personal injury.
  • Accidental cuts to embedded rebar could result in structural collapse, while running into an underground electrical conduit could be deadly.

Benefits of GPR for Damage Investigation & Protection

  • Non-invasive Determine which areas are safe for drilling – before you start physical construction work.
  • Radiation free Unlike expensive Xray technology, GPR is not radioactive, and does not require workers to vacate the worksite.
  • Cost-effective and safe GPR damage investigation costs less than destructive alternatives, and saves money, period. GPR eliminates risks of personal injury and property damage.

Rebar Location Verification

Whether you’re demolishing a building or drilling into concrete, it’s essential to know if there’s underground rebar at the site. Rebar is a type of reinforced steel used to improve the strength and tension of concrete.

Digging or drilling without first locating potential rebar in buried concrete slabs can result in damage to equipment, personal injury, and building collapse.

City Scan Corp can quickly and accurately identify the location and depth of rebar embedded in the structure using GPR.


Benefits of Rebar Location Verification with GPR

  • Rebar location verification with non-invasive GPR eliminates virtually all physical risks.
  • With GPR, structural integrity of the concrete is preserved, and mid-project repairs are avoided.
  • GPR for rebar location verification is cost-efficient and eliminates downtime on the worksite.


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